Watch — and hear — NASA’s Ingenuity copter zip around on Mars

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Jul 2, 2018
Author: Joey Roulette

NASA just released video and audio of its mini Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, flying around the Martian surface during its fourth flight test, as captured by the craft’s robotic partner Perseverance from nearly a football field’s distance away.

The footage, combining audio and video of an Ingenuity flight test for the first time, starts off with the soft, rumbling hum of the Martian wind. Ingenuity can be seen stationary on the surface in the right-hand corner of the frame before taking off for flight. When the copter ascends, the ambient hum intensifies; the faint, muffled sound of Ingenuity’s twin rotor blades spinning at 2,537 RPM picks up and it eventually zips across the frame.

Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z device captured the video, a...

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