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I have not done many sx core installation but from what I have read, sp1 is blue led and sp2 is red led? Is that the correct assumption? Is there any value to check at the capacitor?

If one would have accidentally removed both sp1 and sp2 capacitor? does the switch still functional properly? and how would one weld it back on?

On the new ACNH switches, I experienced a long flashing blue light that does not change to red or blue or purple, and I have resoldered every connection and...

SX Core flashing blue light and question

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May 20, 2022
Is it good to check the wires with a multimeter? I have checked the wires in my house with one, and it showed me that one of the wires does not work. Maybe I don’t understand something or know how the wires are in the housework. I will ask a professional electrician to help me fix the wiring of my house. I have raised this problem because one of my color changing light bulb stopped working. This was such an important element of the house’s interior. It could change the whole atmosphere in the room and help me fall asleep faster. I need this bulb to be on when I go to bed because otherwise, I just can’t fall asleep.
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