Nomad could not resist draping the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in leather

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Jul 2, 2018
Author: Sean Hollister

Frankly, now that we’ve seen a leather case for your MagSafe charging puck, it’s all uphill from here. At least Apple’s new $99 MagSafe Battery Case is something you’ll actually be carrying around and touching on a regular basis, where leather might make it nicer to hold. Perhaps you already have a matching leather case for your iPhone, too? It looks like a nice combo in photos. If you agree, Nomad is currently taking preorders for $30 each, shipping this November.

(I blame Apple for only releasing the battery in white.)

Just know it’s not clear from the company’s images and description whether this leather flap will actually have a hole for the battery’s charging port. And while microsuction tape is much better...

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