Logitech’s Crayon iPad stylus is now available for anyone to buy

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Jul 2, 2018
Author: Chaim Gartenberg

Logitech’s Crayon stylus became the first Apple-sanctioned iPad stylus option, aside from the Apple Pencil, when it was announced at Apple’s iPad-focused education event in Chicago earlier this year. But there was just one problem: the devices were only sold directly to schools, not the general public.

That changes today. Logitech is announcing that it will now sell the Crayon to everyone through Logitech’s website and Apple Stores starting today and with more general availability at other retail locations in October. The Crayon is also getting a price hike for the public: it’ll now cost $69.99, instead of $49.99 for education customers.

It still only supports the latest 9.7-inch iPad

The rest of the Crayon is still the same: it...

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