Apple Game Porting Toolkit (M2 Macbook Pro Ventura)


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Apr 18, 2017
Austin, TX
I wanted to start using my site again to document stuff I try on a day-to-day / weekly basis so this thread is going to stay short but describe some of my issues with the GPT by Apple. So I get it this isn't meant to run games and is aimed at developers testing whether it's worth the time and effort to port their windows games over to macOS or if the performance issues just aren't worth it, but yes a time saving and likely money saving effort on Apples part.

I've spent the better half of the last 4 hours trying to install all of the prerequisites and follow some online guides for installing the GPT with no avail. It was only after deep diving into the project that I realized that Ventura is indeed not supported properly bt GPT and has issues that cause Steam or other interfaces to break. Which is unfortunate since I personally don't feel like updating my primary device to macOS Sonoma (which is still in beta). Personally I'll probably hold off until a few more betas come out before I switch over. I am thrilled to try out some titles though (mainly TES: Oblivion) which I have yet to see anyone try out. IDK the fact that a lot of these games are running nearly perfect out of the box with just this tool kit is crazy in my mind.

Anyways these were some of my thoughts, I'll keep updating this section with threads as I move forward and more releases or major updates come along.
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